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Managing Director Midi & Demi

After 22 years of HR experience, Cécile is now General Director of the Midi & Demi company in Nantes.

Cécile began her career at Manpower as a labor law lawyer at the headquarters in Paris, then moved to HR Manager in the Western region.

She spent 15 years in this company which she describes as “very beautiful, with strong human values, both for its own employees and for the people she supports in their professional careers”.

This experience was very meaningful for Cécile: it began at the time when the 35-hour week was being implemented in companies, when nothing was planned in the texts for temporary workers. It is field practice and the great principle of equal treatment that have guided Cécile and her teams in their positions and advice to user companies to imagine, innovate, find pragmatic solutions._11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_

The sector was then hit hard by the subprime crisis in 2007-2008 and the shortage of work for temporary workers in companies had a direct impact on the missions of Cécile and her teams: very difficult economic situation in the sector, researchers Jobs in distress and sometimes aggressive, with this human challenge for the staff of the agencies who had to welcome, explain, reason, calm... è suffering at the time for these people on the ground.

At the beginning of 2016, Cécile took up her position as HR director at REALITES when the company had 100 employees. When she left the company at the end of 2022, REALITES had 1,000 employees. 

In the meantime, Cécile managed hypergrowth and very large numbers of recruitments, with the aim of maintaining the corporate culture which was the differentiating element (trust, accountability, recognition, kindness and empathy).

At the end of 2021, Cécile participated in the integration of Midi et Demi into the REALITES Group, and seized the opportunity to fully join the Midi et Demi adventure at the end of 2022 with the aim of a handover and a transmission by the founders over a long time.

The catering sector being in full change since Covid, in addition to supporting the growth of Midi Et Demi, Cécile must also manage the shortage of qualifications on the market and the need to reinvent oneself to cope with the economic and HR context. .

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