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Cindy Duhamel


Psychologist, engaged for 18 years with a public of children and adolescents in the field of child protection, she has always endeavored to question professional practices and institutions responsible for working together in benefit of the most vulnerable. Firstly in a penal context, it questions the individual and family psychological processes at work in the occurrence of delinquent acts, considering the question of gender as a bias in the treatment of delinquency.

Cindy Duhamel contributes, through her training activities and expertise with victims or perpetrators, and within multi-institutional bodies, to the consideration of adolescent mental health in various public policies. Also, it was the field clinic with minors trying to reach Syria in 2014 that led him to theorize around “radicalization as a symptom” in adolescence. Considered as a defensive “solution” “found-created” responding to the challenges of puberty, Cindy deciphers the modalities of expression of adolescent unhappiness, mirror of a split society, which confronts us with the emergence of new dangers.

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