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Matthieu Petitclerc

Senior psychologist Paris Fire Brigade

Psychologist of the army health service and head of the medical-psychological section of the BSPP supporting 8,500 men and women of the BSPP in conjunction with the 5 medical branches of the health division, the missions entrusted to Matthieu Petitclerc are as follows:

- taking into account interventions with strong psychological impact;

- medico-psychological monitoring of Paris firefighters in conjunction with unit medicine and the psychiatric services of army training hospitals;

- initial and continuing training for Paris firefighters with regard to taking into account the psychological dimension (approaching victims, awareness of professional psychological risks);

- advice to command (implementation of specific measures in terms of medico-psychological support for prevention and/or care following potentially traumatic events).

Investigator of the ESPOIR* study (Study Firefighters Operation 13/11/15 Impact and Resilience), he is currently carrying out a research thesis in psychology (Université Paris 13 in agreement with Santé Publique France) aimed at assessing vulnerability factors and protection of Paris firefighters who intervened during the terrorist attacks of 11/13/15.

A team of 2 active psychologists and 5 reserve psychologists assist him in his missions.

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