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Olivier PETIT

HR Director - Former HR Director Paris Opera

Experienced manager of the Human Resources function, with more than 20 years of experience as HR director, Olivier Petit has worked in leading companies, in a wide variety of sectors (distribution, business consulting, hospitality, telecommunications, entertainment). living) in French companies or international groups.


His career has allowed him to develop a global vision of the function, both strategically and operationally, and leadership serving the development and transformation of organizations in tune with the societal and environmental issues of our time.


Olivier Petit has led complex and high-stakes negotiations and projects, with a pragmatic approach geared towards the search for solutions, and a concern to build relationships of trust with stakeholders (executive committee, management, employees and partners). social) and to nourish quality social dialogue. He has also developed solid experience in crisis management in the field of individual and collective labor relations.


Certified coach, Olivier Petit is passionate about the development of people, teams and leaders. He is recognized for his vision and leadership, his in-depth understanding of the culture and challenges of organizations, his strong ability to give meaning and get teams on board.


Olivier Petit most recently held the position of HR Director of the Paris National Opera, a unique working environment, with a high level of demands, a very wide diversity of professions united in the same aspiration for excellence, highly committed staff, complex, demanding and sometimes conflicting individual and collective work relationships, acute crisis situations.


In addition to a fairly substantial social component intended to transform the economic and social model, he led an ambitious change agenda with an impact on the organization, culture and leadership and several projects intended to develop management, implement a more inclusive work environment, the results of which have been recognized by double diversity and equality labeling, attract and develop talent, adapt work organizations.

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