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Co-Founder CAPFI Group

Rodolphe Bellenguez has been co-founding director of CAPFI Groupe since 2005, a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation. 

CAPFI supports major accounts in the creation of their web and mobile business applications, migration to the cloud and offers a unique 100% sovereign managed cybersecurity service for mid-sized companies.

After starting his career as a consultant in the market finance sector in 1998, he created CAPFI in 2005 with the ambition to change the situation in the IT service sector by making people a goal and not a goal. AVERAGE.

In 2010, CAPFI created a partnership with the Planète Urgence association in order to entrust them with the “1 day 1 man 1 tree” brand and thus link the consulting profession to the reforestation of sensitive areas around the world. More than 300,000 trees have been planted since. 

In 2022, CAPFI becomes a mission-driven company and obtains the B Corp label.

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