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Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences

Stéphane BLOCQUAUX is a Doctor of Information and Communication Sciences and a permanent researcher at  LIRFE [Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on Living Questions in Training and Education] at UCO Angers. He also serves as an associate researcher within the “Presence and Innovation” team [EA1427 - ENSAM - Arts et Métiers]. For more than 15 years, he has been interested in the digital phenomenon and the importance taken in the lives of younger generations by new objects, new devices and new practices. Specialist in “ juvenile digital misuses ”, his work leads him to analyze their impacts in education, as well as to evaluate the problems posed by the prevalence of these tools which compete with the institutional mediation systems offered by the school.

A series of research themes arises from this:

• culture and practices of “digital natives”,

• cyberdependence (netaholism),

• relationship to the virtual/relation to the real (in its complexity “ Deleuzienne ”),

• dematerialization of content, social engineering and juvenile cybercrime,

• ethics and boundaries of private and public spheres (intimacy/extimacy),

• cybersexuality.


His latest work, “ THE DIGITAL BIBERON: The educational challenge in the age of hyper-connected children ” [Editions ARTEGE -2021], questions the concept of virtual education, to help professionals and parents to better fight against all forms of cyber-violence.

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