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University Professor - Paris-Saclay Institute of Neurosciences

Doctor in Neurosciences and qualified to direct research, Sylvie GRANON works at the Institute of Neurosciences on the CEA Saclay Campus.

In 2008, Sylvie GRANON was elected Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Paris Sud and took responsibility for the team "Neurobiology of decision making". She was also Deputy Director of the Cognition & Behavior department for two years.

His team's research is dedicated to understanding the neural and neurochemical bases of decision-making. With her teams, Sylvie GRANON designed new behavioral tasks in order to dissect these complex processes in mice. In one of these tasks, his teams revealed the existence of individual cognitive strategies and showed that they rely on specific levels of regional brain monoamines and on the interaction between the prefrontal cortex, the reward system and limbic circuits. Sylvie and her teams are now studying how manipulations of these circuits, through exposure to various environmental factors such as social environment, sleep restriction, stress or food rewards, can promote, shape or remodel, at different ages of life, decision-making strategies. His research also aims to discover individual biological and behavioral markers of vulnerability - or resilience - to pathological states that specifically target the functions of the prefrontal cortex, limbic or reward system.

Since 2019, Sylvie GRANON has been a member of the board of directors of the BioSigne doctoral school (Paris-Saclay University) and co-director of the Master 2 Cellular Signaling and Integrative Neurosciences. She was also appointed to the CNRS national committee, section 26 (Cognition-behavior).

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